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Mamiko Bird(マミコバード)

Jazz Singer & Song Writer

シカゴでの生活、ライブ経験を生かし、ナチュラルなグルーブ感を大切に歌うことを心情にし、2004年セカンドアルバム「JUST ME」をリリース。Swing Journal誌に取り上げられ、「ユニバーサルなスケール感のある歌唱と独特の世界を合わせ持つシンガー」と評価される。


My name is Mamiko Bird.
As a jazz singer & songwriter, I mainly work in Tokyo and Yokohama.

I am a holder of an intellectual property right's license for musical recordings and emotional. This means that my clients own all of their original material, including spoken words, thoughts, and feelings.

I perform at various clubs, parties, and weddings! I am a very outgoing and social girl. I am always interested in meeting new people and performing where ever and when ever music lovers gather.

Please contact me for bookings and/or more details.
I am waiting for you with love and a warm heart!
Mamiko Bird

The winner of The 7th Sawamura Mitsuko Music award ,Special Award in 2014,
The Third Hamakaze Newspaper Jazz Vocal Award in 2017

When I was a child,  I came across Miles Davis inside  the elevator in New York . Despite having stared at Miles,  he gently stroked my head.

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